25 October 2013

Strawberry stones

Apparently putting red stones in your strawberry patch fools the birds into leaving your fruit alone. The idea is that they try to peck the stones, find out it's hard, and thereafter leave the actual berries alone when they appear.

I don't know how well it works, but thought I'd make some strawberry stones anyway.

 photo strawberryrocks09_zpse4e70cf6.jpg

I started with some pebbles that I sprayed with primer. You could skip this step - I had read online that starting with a white base makes the red pop otherwise you have to do more coats. But with some of the stones I later decided to use the other side (which wasn't primed) and found no difference. They needed two coats with or without primer.

 photo strawberryrocks01_zpsc748b70a.jpg

After priming (or skipping this step), paint your stones with red acrylic paint (or red spraypaint).

 photo strawberryrocks02_zps200e5f36.jpg

Wait for them to dry.

 photo strawberryrocks03_zpse64e5054.jpg

I painted the green leaves on top of each "strawberry" and added yellow spots with a yellow permanent marker on some of them - it seemed to dissolve the paint and mark the primer underneath, but didn't show up amazingly. I then switched to yellow nail polish and a dotting tool:

 photo strawberryrocks04_zpsdd53274f.jpg

Here you can see the difference - yellow marker on the left, nail polish on the right.

 photo strawberryrocks06_zps601feb24.jpg

These are the paints I used (from the dollar store).

 photo strawberryrocks05_zpsdb33fbfb.jpg

Here are the finished stones.

 photo strawberryrocks07_zps94f57040.jpg

 photo strawberryrocks08_zps23783c5d.jpg

Looking cute in the strawberry bed. The strawberry bed, however, no longer looks cute as Marble found her way in (I haven't quite finished off the fence) and scratched everything to pieces, uprooting some of the plants. I was not impressed. Note to self: finish building the fence.

 photo strawberryrocks10_zpsfdfb752e.jpg

 photo strawberryrocks11_zpsa6df1d7b.jpg

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