12 November 2013

Crockpot cinnamon applesauce

You guys ... this applesauce ... I'm almost speechless. I won't even compare it to store-bought (blech) but comparing it to applesauce I've made before by boiling or steaming the apples ... well, there really is no comparison. It's just heavenly. Something about the slow cooking process seems to kind of caramelise the sugars in the apples and takes it to the next level.

 photo crockpotapplesauce07_zps7c69b925.jpg

It's hard to believe that the only ingredients are apples and cinnamon (I sometimes add a dash of vanilla extract right at the end before bottling.) No sugar needed! In fact, it's almost too sweet because I use Rose apples, which are pretty sweet. I could use apples that are more tart but I like the sweetness of the applesauce because it tastes like a dessert and is wonderful mixed into oatmeal. I haven't tried it warm over ice cream because I'm afraid of how much I'd eat.

And it's so easy! Just peel and chop your apples and throw them into your slow cooker.

 photo crockpotapplesauce01_zps704854b1.jpg

Sprinkle cinnamon over them (or omit if you don't eat cinnamon).

 photo crockpotapplesauce02_zpsfc483db2.jpg

Put the lid on and leave for a few hours.

 photo crockpotapplesauce03_zps6d1a4ac7.jpg

The apples soften and collapse and the house smells heavenly. Now's the time to either mash them (like I do) or use a stick blender to puree them if you prefer.

 photo crockpotapplesauce04_zps66a5fe77.jpg

Look at those lovely juices! My mouth is watering.

 photo crockpotapplesauce05_zpscc10659d.jpg

Once everything is mashed or blended to your desire, go ahead and bottle it in clean jars, following your usual canning procedure. Or freeze the applesauce in portions. Or just eat the lot, hot or cold.

Just a couple of notes about the peeling and chopping process: The smaller the pieces you chop the apples into, the more will fit into your crockpot and the quicker they'll cook.

My crockpot holds 23 chopped apples. That is a lot of apples to peel and chop in one go and I actually got a blister on my finger from the peeler. I promptly went online and bought one of these on TradeMe (New Zealand's version of eBay):

 photo 282410361_zps1dc852ef.jpg

I was amazed that it was only $15 including shipping! I'll be making a whole ton more applesauce once that baby arrives.

Try mixing other fruit in with your apples, for example raspberries, strawberries, pears or peaches.
Experiment with spices - cloves, nutmeg and ginger would be good ones to try.
Cut a vanilla pod open and scrape out the seeds for real vanilla applesauce.

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  1. Did you slow cook them on high or low? For how long (roughly)? Looks delish!!

    1. I did it on high, but you can do it low if you prefer and if you'll be out all day. The length of time depends on how small your pieces are, how full your crockpot is, and if your particular crockpot generally runs more hot or not. I have two; one runs nice and slow, the other cooks much faster. I'd suggest trying the apples out when you are home one day, periodically checking them until they are done to your liking. Then just make a note of the length of time it took so you'll know how long to do it in future. I cut mine fairly small (as you can see in the picture), filled the crockpot right to the top, and ran it on high for about 4 or 5 hours, I think.


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