13 November 2013

Marble wants to lodge a complaint

Marble was moaning for two days straight, and then finally she laid an egg - her first since becoming a mother. She was NOT happy about it and moaned and complained and shouted about it for ages afterwards! Thought I'd share a video of her whingeing.

I snuck some photos of her while she was laying - with moral support from her babies.

 photo marblelaying01_zpsd94e72d9.jpg

 photo marblelaying02_zpse12aae0a.jpg

Here are how the babies look now - they have grown so much! Rosie is totally feathered:

 photo chicksnow02_zps01209a1c.jpg

And Izzy is catching up. She's started growing tail feathers and they stick straight up - so cute!

 photo chicksnow04_zps2d9b42fb.jpg

 photo chicksnow03_zpsc4f8a4ee.jpg

Our little flock of 6.

 photo chicksnow01_zps37ac32c8.jpg

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