10 January 2014

Out and about: Wynyard Quarter

A few photos from our trip to Wynyard Quarter recently.My dad especially enjoyed the waterfront setting.

 photo wynyardquarter01_zpscccace9d.jpg

 photo wynyardquarter02_zps11adccbe.jpg

 photo wynyardquarter03_zps077b085c.jpg

 photo wynyardquarter04_zpse7300b39.jpg

 photo wynyardquarter05_zps98194446.jpg

 photo wynyardquarter07_zps5ef96b10.jpg

There was this container filled with bookshelves, you could just sit on the (fake) grass or on one of the chairs or beanbags and read for a while.

 photo wynyardquarter06_zpsfd960992.jpg

We were lucky enough to be invited aboard the Daldy, an old steam tug, for a full tour, which we all thoroughly enjoyed. I'm not sure how much the man giving us the tour, and my family, enjoyed the view when they unfortunately descended the ladders before me, leaving me to follow IN A SKIRT. Think I blinded them all as they could see right up it as I climbed down! I was sure to lag behind and be the last to climb up the ladders, but couldn't always go ahead and climb down first.

 photo daldy2_zps57cde456.jpg

 photo daldy1_zpsbbcc10ff.jpg

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