18 May 2014

What I wore running errands

I wanted to share a quote from Sally from Already Pretty and encourage you to head on over to her blog, which has done more for my body confidence than anything else I've encountered.

She said, putting how I feel about outfit-blogging in words perfectly, "The flip side of all this, of course, is the argument that if you’ve gone to the trouble of creating a website, taking a photo of your outfit, and then posting it publicly, you must be implying that you consider this particular outfit to be exemplary. Blog-worthy. Something to admire and emulate. Allow me to state unequivocally that I never think this myself about my own outfits. I am totally serious. This is not logic I would’ve even considered if others hadn’t presented it to me. I post my outfits because I enjoy dressing and want to encourage others to enjoy dressing, because I am not built like a model but still love style and fashion, and because you’ve told me that you enjoy seeing them. Although I certainly hope that my outfits, in general, will encourage other women to express themselves through dress and celebrate their bodies through clothing choices, I never think, “This. This outfit is THE BEST. People need to see this.”

That said, here's an outfit I wore the other day to run errands in, before the real autumn chill set in. I don't think I even actually needed the cardi.

  photo wiwwhitedress_zps180ae7cb.jpg

 photo sandals01.jpg

Dress: The Clearance Shed (gift from my friend Carley)
Camisole: Marks & Spencer
Sandals: Hush Puppies from Stead and Simpson
Cardigan: Bon Marche (on sale)
Necklace: Sainsbury's (gift from my friend Rebecca)

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  1. Seeing other women's dressing combinations via such blog posts is a means to get some inspiration. Surely anyone with any common sense would see it as that. Anyone trawling around to leave trolling type comments to attack another woman is simply revealing her own lack of good character.

  2. I love your outfit posts! What I love is that you take ordinary cloths (like mine), and you put things together with a necklace, or a colorful pair of shoes, or whatever, and then you end up with something really cute. That inspires me to go a little further when I am dressing and add an accessory or think through my shoes more. I feel like I am more put together these days because of your inspiration. Also I like that you find some of your cloths online, and some in thrift shops and some things are from local shops. That has also broadened my thinking. I am grateful for the inspiration from your outfit posts, and I really enjoy them!

  3. love how you add the cardigan to this look.

  4. I've never looked as good running errands as you do in your white dress and cardigan. I want to take "presentable" up a notch or two. Thanks for your outfit posts that remind me a little extra time makes a difference.

  5. I really like your outfit posts, they're simple and beautiful

  6. Another who really enjoys the outfit posts. I too have been inspired by your combos to up my outfits.

    I also wanted to say how darling your hair looks in these pictures. So very flattering.


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