20 August 2014

Five quick tips that work for me

1) You know the dry cuticle layer that forms on the nail? Not the actual hangnail type skin, but the bit that you want to scrape off the nail? Well, the best cuticle remover to soften it ready for removal is your own spit. Saliva contains digestive enzymes that immediately get to work softening and dissolving the cuticle so you can easily scrape it off.

2) If you want to drink more water, or drink it more quickly, use a straw. There is a reason that restaurants serve drinks with straws - you suck them down more quickly and order more. So if you're having trouble getting your daily quota of water in, try using a straw and see if it helps.

3) If you want to walk faster then don't force your legs to move more quickly. It's much easier to swing your arms faster and your legs automatically follow, speeding up your pace.

4) If you hold your left thumb tightly in your hand your gag reflex disappears. (Go on, try it!) Useful if you gag at the dentist or while having a tube put down your throat for a procedure.

5) Pop your phone into a small ziplock phone if you want to use it while in the bath, in case you drop it. I usually read books in the bath but sometimes I'm in the middle of an e-book and don't want to risk dropping my phone - the bag gives me peace of mind and the phone still works perfectly in it.

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