10 August 2014

Karioitahi beach (again)

Aaah, I love Karioitahi beach! The pounding surf, the sparkly black sand, the beautiful sunsets. It's one of my Happy Places. Daisy agrees with me :)

 photo sunsetatKarioitahibeach02_zps0061ed4b.jpg

 photo sunsetatKarioitahibeach01_zps1e6e7470.jpg

 photo sunsetatKarioitahibeach05_zpsffcf6266.jpg

 photo sunsetatKarioitahibeach03_zps43f4dd11.jpg

 photo sunsetatKarioitahibeach04_zpsd076c985.jpg

 photo sunsetatKarioitahibeach06_zpsf0e2e5b5.jpg

 photo sunsetatKarioitahibeach07_zps8e8e8b29.jpg

 photo sunsetatKarioitahibeach08_zps8ea8db22.jpg

 photo sunsetatKarioitahibeach09_zpsf49e8cb2.jpg

 photo sunsetatKarioitahibeach10_zpsab9084ac.jpg

 photo sunsetatKarioitahibeach11_zps7ecd62e5.jpg

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  1. It's one of my happy places too, how I wish it was on our doorstep. Such happy memories there :D


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