25 October 2014

Breakfast bake

This breakfast bake is so easy to make - and then you don't need to think about breakfast for the next few days, just grab a slice and go. I make it in a casserole dish that yields six generous slices, so Grant and I get three days of breakfast from it. We simply reheat our portion in the microwave, which takes less than a minute.

 photo breakfastbake00_zps967ad7b8.jpg

Here are the ingredients you will need:

Eggs: as many or as few as you prefer, it will depend on the size of your dish. As I mentioned, I'm aiming for six servings so I used twelve eggs.

Sour cream: about half a cup - this gives the eggs a better texture than if it was just eggs on their own. Feel free to use low-fat sour cream, creme fraiche, regular cream, or milk if you prefer.

Cheese: again, as much or as little as you prefer. Use any type - feta, cheddar, parmesan, swiss, blue cheese, goat's cheese, etc. Or a combination.

Vegetables: in this instance I used a leftover half of a leek, broccoli, and sweet potato. Use any combination; try onion, spring onion, spinach, zucchini, asparagus, cauliflower, carrot, capsicum / peppers, tomato - whatever takes your fancy.

Carbs or no carbs: the decision is yours. I prefer to include some complex carbs so I've put some sweet potato in. If you like, add some cooked and diced potato. Or omit carbs for a low-carb high-protein breakfast.

 photo breakfastbake01_zps60df7b32.jpg

You're basically making a cross between baked eggs and quiche. Bulk it out with as many veges as you like. Feel free to add extra protein in the form of bacon, ham, sausage, leftover chicken, etc - for this one I kept it simple and went with just the eggs and cheese for protein.

First, cook your veges. I sauteed the leeks until tender and steamed the sweet potato and broccoli. Layer up the cooked veges in your casserole dish.

 photo breakfastbake02_zpsb3145911.jpg

Sprinkle the cheese over. Be as stingy or as generous as you like. I used mild cheddar.

 photo breakfastbake03_zpsbfd1d313.jpg

Then whisk the eggs and sour cream (add any herbs and seasonings you like) and pour over the veg and cheese.

 photo breakfastbake04_zps4052c146.jpg

Bake until the centre is no longer liquid.

 photo breakfastbake05_zps09b42a22.jpg

It's that easy! Allow to cool and pop into the fridge for quick and easy breakfasts - or lunches or snacks or even dinner :) Try various combinations of ingredients to keep things interesting - for example, spinach and feta, or chicken and asparagus, or roasted vegetables and goat's cheese. Enjoy!

 photo breakfastbake06_zps359431cd.jpg

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