17 November 2014

DIY faux camisole for modesty without layering

Not every dress or top is high-cut enough for my taste, as I like to dress modestly. Being generously endowed in the bosom department doesn't help. But layering camisoles or T-shirts underneath isn't always practical - sometimes the extra bulk changes how a dress or top fits, and sometimes it's just too darn hot to wear an extra layer.

I decided to make a couple of faux camisoles, or "boob bibs" - just a bit of fabric to cover the old cleavage, without adding an extra layer around my middle, shoulders or back.

 photo boobbib00_zps799d1741.jpg

I started by cutting a pattern out of paper, making sure it was wide enough and long enough. I don't have a picture of this step, but I'm sure you can imagine it - just hold a piece of paper up to your chest in front of a mirror, and make some marks to show yourself where to cut.

Then I cut the shape out of the bottom of a T-shirt. Obviously you can use any colour T-shirt that you like - I made one in black and one in white. Excuse the wrinkles; I pulled the T-shirt out of my fabric scraps box for the photos (seems I didn't fold it neatly but just shoved it in there).

 photo boobbib09_zps2bd6435a.jpg

 photo boobbib10_zps58727d9b.jpg

The hem of the T-shirt provides a channel to thread elastic through. I did so, and finished it off with a small hook, making sure to catch the actual fabric when I stitched.

 photo boobbib07_zps37352c1f.jpg

 photo boobbib08_zps290d4d49.jpg

I thought I'd show you how it fastens, without showing you my goods, by putting my bra on over a nude coloured T-shirt. Obviously you'd wear it without the T underneath.

I just hook the little hooks into the lace / embroidery of my bra.

 photo boobbib04_zpsc1506f1b.jpg

 photo boobbib01_zpsc74dff0e.jpg

For bras that don't have this kind of lace / embroidery, the hook fastens to the strap. I also don't mind sewing the little eye part of the hook-and-eye set to my bra if needed.

 photo boobbib05_zps37b5e8b0.jpg

If you'd rather not use the hooks, simply make the elastic long enough to wrap around the strap and fasten onto itself with a hook and eye, press stud (dome), or velcro.

This is how it looks when attached - like a bib.

 photo boobbib02_zpsc1f25603.jpg

Tuck the bottom up under your bra and you're good to go.

 photo boobbib03_zps88cae5f0.jpg

You can see from this picture that the black one is wrinkled on the bottom, from wearing. I've worn it a few times and it works a treat - covers the neckline without adding any bulk.

 photo boobbib06_zpsa6be23c5.jpg

Here's how they look under a few different dresses / tops.

 photo boobbib09_zps286ddc39.jpg

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