8 November 2014

Mesh backed frame

While shopping in an opp shop (thrift store / charity shop) recently I came across this delightful (not) picture.

 photo meshframe01_zpsbd9fbf8c.jpg

Now, if I were to have a picture of horses in my house it would not be of one showing off his testicles, with someone in the background nonchalantly beating the poor steeds with a stick.

 photo meshframe02_zps071fd907.jpg

Suffice to say, it was not the actual picture that drew me but the frame, even though the glass was missing. I liked the faded, weathered look to it and knew I could make something cool with it.

 photo 393e8cdc-d567-4012-8371-43839c9d98ed_zps55176f46.jpg

I flipped the picture over ...

 photo meshframe03_zps74d32db1.jpg

... and removed the hooks and string.

 photo meshframe05_zps8b2c4573.jpg

Then I peeled off the ancient gummed paper tape.

 photo meshframe06_zpsa8b14439.jpg

Once that was done I used a butter knife to bend upwards the little metal points holding the picture in place, and removed the picture.

 photo meshframe07_zpsd1ef498a.jpg

There was a lot of residue left from the gummed tape and I spent some time scraping it off with a metal scraper and rubbing hard with a damp cloth.

 photo meshframe08_zps62cc9e22.jpg

Then I got some leftover fencing mesh and cut it to size.

 photo meshframe09_zps35ba8020.jpg

I used dabs of hot glue to hold it within the frame.

 photo meshframe10_zps4ba50f3b.jpg

Voila! A mesh backed frame in which to hang pictures.

 photo meshframe11_zps60814edc.jpg

Luckily I already had some tiny binder clips (originally from the dollar store) so all I needed to do was print out some photos and hang them up.

 photo meshframe12_zps82603eec.jpg

Ta da! I was so pleased with how it turned out.

 photo meshframe13_zps3cd8d3dd.jpg

I knew just the spot for it, too - in one of the alcoves in the lounge where a clock used to hang (the clock is now broken).

 photo meshframe14_zps9478d8b3.jpg

Not bad for $3! Grant doesn't like how the photos bend but I really enjoy the 3D effect it gives.

 photo meshframe00_zps910bc23b.jpg

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