3 December 2014

Quick and easy bed strap to keep duvet in place

Noah was getting very frustrated with his duvet cover. It always seemed to slip sideways in the night, ending up like this:

 photo bedstrap02_zpsc8ac0224.jpg

Luckily, it was an easy fix. I simply cut off the central strap of a pair of dollar store suspenders ...

 photo bedstrap01_zpsc371b1d5.jpg

... clipped the remaining two clips on either side of the duvet, making sure to catch the duvet as well as the cover ...

 photo bedstrap04_zpsa93d759c.jpg

... and slipped the strap underneath the mattress.

 photo bedstrap05_zpsa950ce66.jpg

Voila, no more sliding duvet! His bed stays tidy and to make it in the morning he just straightens the top of the duvet and puts his pillow neatly in place. The strap is right at the foot of the bed so it isn't confining in any way.

 photo bedstrap03_zpsc5dd000f.jpg

Don't you love a quick fix?

 photo bedstrap00_zps4f63b875.jpg

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