13 January 2015

Using Your Camera to Find the Perfect Photograph

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Many photographers strive for the perfect shot but finding it is easier said than done. It takes more than simply taking a picture at the right moment. You must also have the right focus, setting, and much more. It is more difficult than you would think it is.

Searching for the Right Shot
Some people think that the perfect photograph just happens. Maybe it just crosses your path when you are taking pictures or it happens by chance. However, that does not usually happen. That does not mean that it cannot happen but it is a rare occurrence. Usually, photographers must go in search of the perfect photograph and must be ready when the moment comes. This includes chasing events and rare things that you would perceive to be beautiful. If you do not know of a possible photograph or have one in mind, the best way to start is by going to an inspiring place. Walking around with your camera attached to your person is a good place to start finding that inspiration. It is also a way to improve your photography skills. The only way to get better and perfect your style is by trial and error.

Preparing for the Photograph
Once you have found your inspiration and have started searching for the shot you have in mind, you need to make sure you are ready for anything. This includes making sure your camera is fully charged, that you have an extra batter just in case, that you have the lens you are wanting to use, and that you have any extra items you may need. The last thing you want is to think you made the perfect shot just to find out that your battery died right before you snapped the picture. You also do not want to discover that a better lens could have been used once you get a feel for the photograph. These are all things you will need to consider. The next thing you should do to prepare to take the picture is to try out a few test shots. It may not happen on the first picture you take but practicing in the moment can teach you a lot about the settings you should use for the actual shot.

Traveling for a Photograph
Many people who are serious about their photography and taking amazing shots travel in order to get what they have in mind. If you are an action photographer like Jim Decker of Vancouver, you will need to go to where the action is. He traveled to South Korea during the most recent Olympics in order to get the action shots he was wanting. Sometimes you have to go far in order to find what you have been looking for but if you want it badly enough, no distance is too far. It all depends on what your limits are and how far you would go for the perfect photograph, both literally and figuratively.

Photography is a passion for some, a hobby for others, and a lifestyle for very few. If photography does not light a fire inside of you, find something that does. Having something that allows you to release some energy and gives you a sense of fulfillment is worth more than words can describe.

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