13 June 2015

Painted fireplace

While we were waiting for Grant's job transfer to come through I was dreaming of this house and kept looking through the photos of it that we were sent by the previous owner, and planning on what changes I'd make if we were able to buy it. One of those changes was painting the fireplace, so I wasted no time in getting that done once we had moved in.

This is how it looked before:

 photo fireplace before after 01_zpsa36dxjim.jpg

 photo fireplace before after 02_zpslpezxhzp.jpg

 photo fireplace before after 03_zpsdkdr7vnk.jpg

It is not a working fireplace. We have a heat pump for heating, and the previous owner stuffed the chimney with plastic to stop draughts. Old fireplaces like this are rarely efficient and most of the heat goes up the chimney, so we had no plans to resurrect it.

In time we hope to remove it altogether, but in the meantime painting was a simple fix to make it more attractive.

I started out with two coats of stain-blocking primer. This is the one I used.

 photo fireplace before after 13_zpsu8vk3q4c.jpg

Sadly, it did NOT block the stain and yellowish patches very quickly seeped through, even after two coats.

 photo fireplace before after 04_zps8x6ffp9o.jpg

 photo fireplace before after 05_zpsxd6nxpi0.jpg

 photo fireplace before after 06_zpsgtbhtn87.jpg

I then switched to one coat of oil-based primer, which did the trick. This is the one I used.

 photo fireplace before after 14_zpsailerl0s.jpg

After that I applied two coats of Dulux Wash-and-Wear emulsion, in the colour Mt Aspiring Quarter. It looks like white in the pictures but it's slightly off-white. I used a paintbrush for the primer and paint; no roller. Oh, I also caulked all of the little holes that you can see in the photos above.

 photo fireplace before after 16_zpsucujelmx.jpg

We decided to leave the mantlepiece natural as it breaks up all the white and ties in with the tones in the floor. I also left the hearth tiles unpainted as they blend in with the floor fairly well and kind of disappear, but we may end up painting them in the future; we'll see.

 photo fireplace before after 07_zpsjzeqa6gi.jpg

Inside the firebox I used Dulux Mayor Island, which is a brownish black colour which ties in well with our couches.

 photo fireplace before after 17_zpso6al7lve.jpg

I scrubbed out the hearth as best I could, but there are patches of cement and also soot stains that I couldn't get out. But look at my pretty maidenhair fern instead ;)

 photo fireplace before after 08_zpskoem4lbg.jpg

It looks so much cleaner and brighter and I'm SO glad I did it, even though after painting the whole thing 5 times I was fed up with it! It changes the feel of the room entirely. Well worth the effort.

 photo fireplace before after 09_zpsenrhk8pl.jpg

And because everyone loves a before-and-after:

 photo fireplace before after 10_zpsa4dvorzy.jpg

 photo fireplace before after 11_zpsrgzawiru.jpg

 photo fireplace before after 12_zpsa351z1g7.jpg

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  1. It looks so clean and modern!! Perfectly your style! Great job!!

    1. Thank you :) I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

  2. That was a big job! I'm very impressed that you painted the fire box. When we did our fireplace we had hopes of restoring the chimney to use the fireplace in an emergency. (Our area has gotten severe ice storms in past winters and homes can go without heat for days and days.) I vacumed it well and then placed a thrifted brass fireplace screen over the front. It doesn't fit properly but looks ok. To round out the look we have a cheesy electric firelog set. It really is very cheery in a funny way. (it even makes a crackling sound)

    And I looked at the Maidenhair Fern! Its real? Probably since you have such a sunny home. Plants have to be silk in my house. Brown indoor thumb. lol

    1. Loved the picture you sent! The fern is real - it's in a sunny enough spot but ferns also do well in shade so they are generally quite easy to keep happy. I used to kill indoor plants by overwatering until I scaled right back and I do better now.

  3. It looks great! Nice look!

  4. Love white painted brick! You did such a lovely job of reconditioning that focal point :-)

    1. Thank you, I'm pleased with it :)

  5. Brilliant! It looks gorgeous.

  6. Beautiful!!!!! Congrats on the new house!



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