17 June 2015

The garden

We are very lucky to have half an acre of land, including lots of mature trees - many of which are fruit trees. I thought I'd show you a few photographs of the undeveloped space. We will have our work cut out for us, but we hope to be here for many years so we will just take our time making changes to the garden.

I popped outside to snap these photos before the sun set, so maybe not the best lighting but you get the idea.

This is the view from the front door.

 photo garden 01_zpszwbvbkyh.jpg

The view from the gate.

 photo garden 02_zpsjdmibax4.jpg

If you step inside the gate and look to the right you'll see this. The windows on the right of the house are the bedroom windows.

 photo garden 03_zpset4l4jy3.jpg

 photo garden 04_zps7lfs74dx.jpg

 photo garden 05_zpsxsqkrnmc.jpg

 photo garden 06_zpsg4b2vgfl.jpg

Standing in the back corner and looking back towards the house.

 photo garden 07_zpsjssqkp2a.jpg

At the back fence.

 photo garden 08_zpsbsbzh3cs.jpg

Standing next to the random shed.

 photo garden 09_zpsrg9dkugo.jpg

The right hand fence is the boundary. We have a second gate back here. I think a previous owner used this as a vegetable plot, although it's just a mess now. The timber frame you can see on the right used to be a chicken run.

 photo garden 10_zpsc0e06ynd.jpg

Standing at the gate. The big structure on the left is the neighbour's shed. You can see our white shed a bit further on behind the old chicken run. On the right is a lean-to with plastic around it which I'll show you in a minute.

 photo garden 11_zpslpaenfjg.jpg

Here is the lean-to.

 photo garden 12_zpscaamlt2l.jpg

It's kind of a mess. It's attached to the sleepout / garage and is full of junk.

 photo garden 13_zpsfqlpdo7o.jpg

The previous owner left so much trash in here. We have to hire a skip to get rid of it.

 photo garden 25_zpse2j3tmse.jpg

Inside the lean-to is a random toilet and basin!

 photo garden 26_zpsqyveld2v.jpg

Facing back towards the street you can see the house on the left and the garage on the right. Half of the garage has been converted to a room which is the sleepout.

 photo garden 16_zpsmuer8nnf.jpg

 photo garden 15_zps7ru5k5ns.jpg

 photo garden 14_zps4wpwzfud.jpg

Behind the house you can see the back door.

 photo garden 18_zpsyonrnhww.jpg

 photo garden 17_zpspniuuekn.jpg

 photo garden 19_zpsxnwuouok.jpg

 photo garden 20_zpshojy3peu.jpg

See this little corner?

 photo garden 21_zpsgt7qj6qo.jpg

 photo garden 22_zpscoc5ipg1.jpg

It is a sheltered, sunny spot and I'd love to make a little hideaway corner here, with a covered bench and lots of plants. Somewhere to go and read and relax. This is the view of the house.

 photo garden 24_zpsjelo32oj.jpg

To the right, back along the rear of the house.

 photo garden 23_zps62hvnngp.jpg

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