16 June 2016

One year later: the back yard

So a year down the line we have changed some things in the garden. You can see all of the before photos here; I'm just going to share the areas today that have changed. I'll post each before and after together so you can see the comparison.

The biggest change has been to the garage and sleepout - we now call it the guest house, as we've developed it somewhat inside (more on that later).

A year ago:

 photo garden 15_zps7ru5k5ns.jpg


 photo Untitled-4_zps7civiykc.jpg
I painted the walls and trim, Grant and I stained the deck, I made a rolling table for the deck, and I pulled up the old stone path and planted some perennials. The garden is actually looking very scruffy as I popped some tomato plants in and they are done now. Next spring I'll be concentrating on more plants, and we plan to move the daisy bush.

Another angle a year ago:

 photo garden 16_zpsmuer8nnf.jpg


 photo Untitled-3_zpshxry851o.jpg

This area is behind the guest house. It used to be a long falling down lean-to. We reduced the size of it to fit in an extension to the guest house, and plan to turn what remains into a greenhouse. I've shortened and stained the potting bench.

A year ago:

 photo garden 13_zpsfqlpdo7o.jpg


 photo garden 03_zpsr0insnip.jpg

A year ago:

 photo garden 12_zpscaamlt2l.jpg


 photo garden 04_zpsa5hm1gdw.jpg

This is the view from the back gate. I added raised beds to the chicken run, and turned the inside of the chicken run into a berry garden.

A year ago:

 photo garden 11_zpslpaenfjg.jpg


 photo Untitled-2_zpswg10cuab.jpg

Standing next to the chicken run / berry cage a year ago:

 photo garden 10_zpsc0e06ynd.jpg


 photo Untitled-1_zpsfhhplyx9.jpg

Other things we have done in the garden include a lot of pruning, having 2 huge gum trees removed, installing 3 sheds (2 for storage of bicycles, mowers, etc, and one for a workshop), and installing a washing line.

I'm just realising that I never shared photos of the inside of the guest house, but I'll save those for the grand reveal, which HOPEFULLY shouldn't be too far away. Watch this space ... you will be blown away!!

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  1. What an incredible transformation, I applaud all your hard work Grant & Jen xx


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