2 September 2016

Why Your Grandmother Was Right about Broth

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No matter where you are from, you are likely to remember your grandmother telling you to have a nice bowl of chicken soup or beef broth when you were feeling under the weather. It doesn’t matter whether you are two years old or twenty or ninety-two, the advice still holds true; many people report feeling a fever lift and strength return even amid the nastiest cold or flu after a cup of chicken soup. Nowadays, many people feel it is healthy to limit the consumption of animal-based products, and while it is true that steak or burgers should not be eaten in excess, your grandmother was right about broth.

A Better, Healthier Broth 
Your vegan friends may swear by their miso soup, and more power to them, but meat and chicken, when consumed in moderation, can still provide a higher concentration of iron and other minerals than plant-based foods. Broth is to meat what juice is to fruit and vegetables—it packs in vitamins and minerals in a more concentrated form. If you are refraining from meat because you have heard it isn’t so healthy, have ethical and ecological considerations or for economic reasons, broth is the best way to enjoy the benefits of meat without the guilt or waste.

If you consume beef or chicken broth, you do not need to eat meat in large quantities, and the broth and soup contain proteins and nutrients in a concentrated form. You go to a juice bar to get the benefits from vegetables in a highly concentrated form, and the same can be true of meat through eating soup or drinking broth. If you purchase organic broth made without preservatives and artificial flavors from compassionately-raised, grain or grass fed animals, you can feel good knowing that you are protecting the environment and showing concern for other creatures. Au Bon broth products are organic, compassionately raised and made without artificial ingredients.

The Benefits of Broth 
Since broth is made of bones, it shouldn’t be that surprising that it provides major benefits to joints and can promote bone health. Those who suffer from arthritis or inflammation of the joints have reported that broth can help ease their symptoms. Broth helps build up the bones and has collagen that adds luster to your nails and skin. Collagen is the material that allows cells to cohere properly. Collagen is contained in the bones that make broth and helps rebuild cells.

There is a host of other benefits provided by broth. First of all, your grandmother was right about chicken soup being an effective medicine for colds and flu, but you probably knew that from personal experience, like many people. Broth has anti-inflammatory properties and helps fight infection. It is chocked full of amino acids that are the building blocks of the human body and repair every cell. Broth also has anti-oxidant properties that eliminate free radicals that build up in the body as the result of stress, pollution, and unhealthy habits. Broth is so good for your body, you may wonder why you haven’t been eating it every day.

Broth Is a Chef’s Best Friend 
Like most people, you may be wondering what to make for dinner. If you have chicken or beef broth handy, you always have ideas ready at your fingertips. You can make a tasty rice pilaf or couscous with chicken soup. Prepare a chicken pot pie or make mulligatawny soup with beef broth, meat, and curry. Everybody loves a nice beef stew with rolls or biscuits. Soup and broth are versatile and can add flavor and nutrition to any dinner. Experiment to see what you can do with some extra chicken broth or beef soup for your next meal or party.

Food fads come and go, but one thing is clear—soup and broth are here to stay. This food staple not only helps you dress up any meal with extra flavor, but is packed with health benefits as well. In addition to its famed properties for treating colds and flu, chicken and beef soup and broth can fight infections, help treat bone problems and has anti-inflammatory properties. Broth can make your nails shinier, your skin clearer and make you feel healthy and strong because it contains amino acids that replace damaged cells in the body. Broth rejuvenates you and makes you feel at home. It is a part of a happy and healthy childhood and broth can enhance your diet as an adult, as well.

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