23 March 2017

Garden progress - part 3: the driveway beds

We have two narrow little beds alongside our concrete driveway. They take the brunt of the wind barreling up the drive, and are under the deep eaves so don't get full rain. One side is in full sun all day, and the other is in shade. (By the way, the house will eventually be painted the same grey as the garage).

 photo driveway beds 01_zpswvbpfyma.jpg

I'll start with the little sunny bed underneath Noah's bedroom window.

 photo driveway beds 02_zps2aob1ayu.jpg

 photo driveway beds 03_zpswwkw1yzq.jpg

 photo driveway beds 04_zpslyn8bnpl.jpg

I again had to remove tons of rocks and plastic before I could plant anything. I put in purple passion, pyrethrum, dahlias, poppies, calendula, alyssum, carnations, marigolds, pansies, campanula, and a dwarf hydrangea. Here's how it looked once everything started growing:

 photo driveway beds 06_zpsnldwo4zs.jpg

And how it looks today, at the beginning of autumn - see how things change?

 photo driveway beds 07_zpsmwc8qpof.jpg

 photo driveway beds 05_zps5ybevh9b.jpg

 photo driveway beds 08_zpsidp5znoh.jpg

I put in seedlings from a mixed lot of seeds, not knowing what colour they would be, and coincidentally everything in this bed is quite yellow. I will mix things up next year!

Moving across to the opposite side of the driveway, and the bed that is in shade. Again with the stones!! Endless amounts of stones.

 photo driveway beds 09_zps3adkgv7d.jpg

 photo driveway beds 10_zpswcclhuzt.jpg

 photo driveway beds 16_zpswwoevgmi.jpg

I cleared it and planted up with plants that tolerate shade: a hosta, dahlia (on the sunny end), forget-me-nots, brunnera Jack Frost, violets, dwarf cosmos, pansies, impatiens, and dwarf stock. It's looking a bit tired now at the beginning of autumn, but still better than before. Next year I'll pay more attention to it.

 photo driveway beds 11_zps2lk6eduz.jpg

 photo driveway beds 15_zps7yuczffg.jpg

 photo driveway beds 17_zpspyvpe56f.jpg

 photo driveway beds 14_zpsstlsymoq.jpg

 photo driveway beds 13_zpsu2wtee6v.jpg

 photo driveway beds 12_zpsr8mcsv6h.jpg

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