2 October 2019

How to Become a Movie Producer

Almost everyone dream of Hollywood at some point in their life. The draw of the brights lights, the glory of the red carpet, the satisfying notion of fame of fortune. Although most people might dream of becoming an actor or actress, others might aspire to produce films. They might look up to people like Heather Parry, George Lucas, or Walt Disney. With the correct mixture of education and experience, becoming a movie producer is well within reach.


To begin a career in the film industry, it is typically required that a person have a bachelor's degree in film, acting, journalism, communications or another related field. The key is to focus on a program that gives you skills to film and edit a movie into a cohesive piece. Producers need to know how every facet of movie-making works, so students should not ignore any part of their education.

After earning a degree, you should look for an internship opportunity with a production company. This can give you exposure to their industry and how things work, as well as allowing you to meet professionals in the business. These networking opportunities can prove invaluable when you start to look for full-time work.


Just like any industry, experience in your desired role is imperative to securing a role as a movie producer. Typically people look for one to five years of experience for entry level jobs, so you should start working on your portfolio while you are still in school instead of relying on past class projects to carry you into a job.

Once a person has made it into the industry, they should always keep an eye on the latest trends and salaries. Staying informed about the next big movie can mean the difference between producing a box office hit and an Indie film flop.

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