14 September 2006

Finally, some pics

Unfortunately the first set of pics are of a DIY disaster rather than good progress. Last night Grant went to remove the old bathroom window, planning to install the new one, when to his horror he found that the bricks above the window were not mortared in, they were simply balancing on top of the window. He found out the hard way - when he started pulling the frame out, the bricks came crashing down, smashing a big hole in the kitchen roof below! So now we have to pay for the brickwork to be repaired, the roof to be fixed and both windows installed as we're not touching them ourselves now. We're thrilled, cause, you know, we have pots of money just burning a hole in our pocket. (I wish you could make a typed sentence look *sarcastic* like you can make it look bold or italic.) We still await the final quote from the builder we've been in touch with.

[Edited: okay as I published this, Grant took himself upstairs to finish the job himself ... after I made it clear I was not willing to help and that I'd rather work my tail off to earn the money to pay someone else to deal with it. He still chose to go ahead and do it himself.]

Here are some pics of the window and smashed roof. Naturally, it rained today, but we're very grateful that the rain doesn't seem to have caused any damage to the kitchen ceiling, and that the weather has cleared.

The outside, sans bricks - you can see the massive nest some birds built behind the balanced bricks; I'm amazed they didn't knock the bricks out.

The roof of the kitchen extension - seeing as the roof has previously been mended there with metal, I wonder if something like this has happened before

This week we also caulked and finished painting the bathroom and installed the bathroom cabinet. The mirror makes the bathroom look bigger and I am thrilled at having some storage.

I also painted the wrought iron candle sconces and hung them in the dining room. I adore them and I think they really fill the space better than the other ones did and create more of a feature. The old sconces will go into the vestibule.

On the other side of the dining room is a picture of the temple that I took the other week, had printed and framed. Grant chose this particular one, although I was leaning more towards one with trees softening the front. But I have enough decorating ideas that I get my own way on, so I had to give him this one. (Excuse the reflection of the TV in the glass.)

In our bedroom we've chosen a lovely praline colour for the walls and it looks so nice against the white furniture and I'm sure the woodwork will look good against it when it's painted white too (it's currently a mauve colour). I plan to make a faux leather headboard and a padded seat for the window drawer units also covered in faux leather, in a deep chocolate shade. Bedding will be mainly white with some brown detailing, dark brown valance and of course the antique stain flooring. Not that we're doing the bedroom for ages! We're not even painting - I just wanted to choose a colour, and this is done with the tester pot. When the tester pot is empty we'll put the painting on hold. Oh, and don't you love the polystyrene ceiling tiles?? (NOT) They'll be coming in and we'll be smoothing the ceiling, painting it while and adding coving.

I finally found a fab and affordable station clock (at Matalan) for only £15. Love how it looks in the kitchen! It's just what I wanted.

Oh, AND, on a completely unrelated note, I have actually recently decided that I will pursue wedding photography after all ... and a wedding has fallen into my lap! I'll be doing the couple's wedding photography next July and I am so excited! I will need the time in between to accumulate the equipment I will need and gain some more experience, but they aren't bothered at my lacking portfolio and meager experience, so all that remains is to draw up some contracts and agree on a figure.

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