25 January 2008


It's Thursday and it's quiet ... so peaceful in the house with Grant at work, Daniel at school and Noah at preschool. I'm supposed to be working (and I have, a little) but I've been enjoying the peace and stillness and catching up on blog-reading, emails, etc as well.

I am still marveling at how smoothly the move went. We've slotted into our new house and life here with a sense of joy and relief as if we're coming home to where we are meant to be. The boys have adjusted to everything without batting an eyelid.

School run at the last house:
Get kids into the car, make sure they're buckled in. Sometimes de-ice windows so I can drive. Drive to school, park in leisure centre parking lot. Get kids out of car, walk them across the road. Stand on playground until school starts. Get back to car, strap Noah into car seat, drive home. Total time: 40 minutes (1 hour and 20 minutes a day in normal traffic.)

School run at this house:
Get Noah into his buggy. Walk four (4!) minutes to the school. Hand Daniel over at the gate. Go home. Total time: 10 minutes (20 minutes a day.)

Pre-school run at the last house:
After dropping Daniel at school, strap Noah into his car seat. Drive two miles in traffic. Park (conveniently if lucky, inconveniently if unlucky) and take him into preschool. Drive home. Total time: 25 minutes.

Pre-school run at this house:
After dropping Daniel at school, walk six (6!) minutes to preschool, take him into preschool. Walk home. Total time: 12 minutes.

The town centre is at the end of our road, and it only takes five minutes to walk down. Ditto the library, which is around the corner. Our new ward (congregation) is further, though, but everyone seems really nice. The people around here are so friendly.

So far, in the house, we've put up shelves in the cellar, blinds in the studio, bathroom and our bedroom, backdrop support system in studio, desk and wall cabinets in studio, towel rails in bathroom and ensuite, etc. Nothing major, and all cosmetic, but MAN AM I SICK OF DIY! Thankfully there is very little to do. Just cosmetic stuff, which is the fun bit.

Coming soon: pictures!

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