4 July 2008

Our bedroom is coming along slowly

Dang, this no money thing really cramps my style. Yeah, my life is so tragic. Whine whine, sounds like I'm asking for a handout.

I'll put a PayPal donate button on the site, if that's easier for you.

Just kidding.

Unless you want to send me money, in which case I'll totally set up the PayPal thing.


Okay, enough kidding around, we seriously don't have any cash right now so I've done this totally on a shoestring. Well, yes, I did have to spend a leeeeetle. £2 for the cushion covers (the inners were pinched from the living room, because those covers needed washing,) £6 for the throw (on sale at Matalan) and £4.38 for the ribbon.

So, without further ado, here are a couple of "before" photos of the bedroom:

And here are the "afters" ... well, actually "durings" as I'm still not done.

I ironed the duvet cover.

Let's just take a moment.

I NEVER iron our bedlinen. It was an ordeal. But I'll do pretty much anything to make pretty photos.

Grant's side of the bed. Yes, I know flowers are more feminine but it went nicely by the window. The little black thing on the left is an indoor / outdoor thermometer, so we can look at it daily and curse at how cold our house is and curse at how cold it is outdoors because we live in England and WHERE THE HELL IS SUMMER?

My side of the bed. Yes, I know it looks more masculine but pics of my guys were already in the frames. We plan to get pretty silver wall lamps from Ikea sometime. See no money thing above.

My bargain cushion covers.

And I finally attached knobs to the chests of drawers! Now I'll be able to open the drawers even when I have lotion on my hands, instead of pawing at them futilely like a dog. (Anyone out there with Ikea Malm drawers knows exactly what I'm talking about.)

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