3 July 2008

Total bargain find!

I popped down to Soper's, which is a shop at the end of our road that sells linens, curtains, cushion covers, etc. I was looking for grey pillowcases for our bedroom but they didn't have any. But I found a couple of amazing bargains: beautiful brown chenille cushion covers at £1 each (that's about $2) - I bought two for the bedroom. But most of all I was so excited to find pairs of chair covers on sale for £2 per pair! (That's about $4.) They only had one pair of cream and I snapped them up. They are perfect for my studio.

They're a little big but as they are 100% cotton I'm sure they'll shrink a little in the wash and if they don't then I might give them a spin in the drier.

Here's the before shot - you can see that our dining chairs really don't go with the room at all, which is all whites and creams.

Much better!

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