24 May 2009

Friday night no-no

If you're looking for suggestions for what to do on a Friday night, I can't help you. I can, however, offer a suggestion for what not to do.

Don't sit up in bed and read while your kids play around you, until your 4-year-old launches his whole body at you head-first, slamming his head into your mouth.

All you'll end up with is tears of pain and a fat lip.

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  1. You've got to spill it - were the tears of pain from you or Noah, cause I know when my little girl launches herself into me it always hurts me more than her!

  2. They were mine! He just stood there staring at me, I think he must have a rock-hard head because 1) it hurt like heck and 2) he didn't even feel it, it seemed.

  3. Ouch Jen!I hope the tears were relieving, healing and soothing.

  4. yowzers. I guess those of us with big heads need to be less sensitive on the cranium...it's too easy to hit it :)

  5. Oh dear! That hurts so much!!


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