31 January 2011

January favourites

I've decided to a monthly favourites video on the last day of each month, highlighting what I've been loving during the month. These are either new products I've discovered, things I've been enjoying using or eating or items I've been wearing a lot.

Kenwood FP580 Food Processor


I've been wanting to buy a food processor for literally years but always talked myself out of it thinking that I could get by with my stick blender and hand mixer. Grant was asking me to make more vegetable soup and I was moaning about how long it takes to chop everything, even with my Pampered Chef food chopper. I mentioned buying a food processor so he was like, just buy it, what are you waiting for, woman? So I did. I cashed in some Nectar points (for those outside the UK it's a reward card that you can use at various stores and petrol stations) for Amazon vouchers and got this food processor - it was on sale as well, so it didn't cost much.

I freaking LOVE it. I use it so much. It has three graters, beaters for light things like cream or egg whites, a chopping / mixing blade, a dough blade, a juicer and a blender jug as well. I can't believe I waited so long to buy a decent food processor and I'm amazed at how much I use it.

Dulux Once satinwood paint


I've been painting all of the trim and doors in our house. Think about that for a moment. ALL. OF. THE. TRIM. AND. DOORS. Do you know how many miles of woodwork and how many doors are in this house? And three of them are glass paneled doors too! Okay, deep breath, moving on.

In our years of DIY Grant and I have tried various brands of paint and I always come back to Dulux. This particular paint - one coat satinwood - is the perfect paint for trim and doors. First, let me say that I don't do gloss. It looks too shiny, highlights imperfections and goes yellow in like five minutes. I much prefer satin, I just think it looks so much classier. This paint goes on smoothly, covers well and is hardwearing, but best of all it dries to a perfect, smooth, brilliant white finish. I love it above all other paints for trim and doors.

Samsung N220 Netbook


We have been meaning to buy a laptop for a while. We'll need it once we ship all our stuff to New Zealand or we'll be without a computer for at least 6 weeks plus Grant might need to take it to college with him when he's away there for 5 months so he can Skype with me and the kids.

We waffled between a laptop or a notebook and decided on the latter for our needs. After hours of research we purchased the Samsung N220 and I adore it! I may or may not have been heard calling it My Precious.

I love being able to watch shows in bed, head off to my room for some alone time on the internet during the school holidays, have it in the kitchen if I'm baking a recipe off the internet, and more. It's just fabulous and I love the portable little size.

When Grant is home he reads to Noah and I read to Daniel at bedtime. When Grant is at work I used to not read to Daniel but read to Noah because he needs more encouragement to stay in his bed at bedtime. Now with the netbook I can still have that time with Daniel because Noah is quite happy lying listening to a StoryNory story from the netbook. (StoryNory is another definite favourite of the month!)

e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner


I adore e.l.f. products in general but this is a new favourite. It's only £3.50 and it goes on amazingly. You only have to barely touch the brush (included) onto the product to pick up enough. It dries quickly on your eyes and lasts forever, it honestly doesn't rub off, smudge or melt. (I also have it in plum but it's so dark you don't really notice the purple colour.)

Miss Sporty Sheer Shine Lipstick


I bought these lipsticks for £1.45 each at the local market and I love them. They are so shiny and moisturising it's like putting lip balm on but they have colour. They are sheer, not like regular lipsticks, so you can put them on without a mirror and they are shiny enough that you don't need to add lip gloss. My lips are about the same colour as my skin so without lipstick I look like I have no lips - these lipsticks give me the perfect natural colour for everyday - not as bold as regular lipstick, not as liquid as a gloss. I went and stocked up on some more at the market as I'd hate to run out of them.

Ball stud earrings


I got these earrings in an inexpensive set from Matalan and I find myself wearing them almost every day. They are so shiny and pretty and are casual enough for everyday but big enough that they complete my look. Love them!

Scrabble on Facebook


Grant and I love playing Scrabble with his parents when they are visiting. Now, with Scrabble on Facebook, we can still enjoy playing with them even though they live 6,000 miles away. Plus we can have numerous games on the go at a time. I love the little chat panel and dictionary that's included.

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