28 February 2012

What I wore to a job interview

Thanks to everyone who submitted their guesses on my shopping post. The actual total was $48.50 (which is US$40.47, £25.54, R308.56), which makes the winner Lynn, who guessed $47.23. Please email me, Lynn, to claim your prize!

Okay, on to what I wore to my interview (which was for a part time job at a shoe store, for those who asked. Me ... in a shoe store ... perfect fit, right?!) Interview went well so we'll see.



Cardigan: thrifted
White tank: Tesco
Trousers: thrifted
Shoes: eBay (originally New Look)

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  1. Jen you look great. Hope you get this job. Think of all those shoes you could get discounts on!!!! Thinking of that though, the idea is to earn money not to be tempted to spend it on shoes! X

  2. Can't believe my guess was the closest - pretty close too, so I've sent you an email with my details.
    Hope you get the job but won't you be tempted to spend your wages on more shoes?
    Bit dull and wet in Lancashire at the moment but can you believe there is a drought forcast ... in March???? still Spring is just around the corner, best wishes for the future.

    Lynn x

    1. Can't believe you have a drought forecast! That's nuts. Hope it's warm as well as dry!

  3. Thank you :)
    I will be required to wear their latest season's shoes to work so I'd have to buy a pair at least every 3-4 months. But I'd get a 50% discount :)

  4. So darling! I can't get enough :)

  5. You look great. Did you point them to your blog post about your shoes? That should be enough proof that you're perfect for the job! :-D Fingers crossed for you. Jude.x

  6. SHOES!!!!!!! I hear angels singing. Love the longer hair.

  7. think you need to take me shopping cause I never find anything in those shops. Love the little cardi! Congrats on getting the job


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