8 August 2013

Out and about - Rotary Walkway and Totara Park

I realised I hadn't posted these photos from the last few months so I thought I'd put them up now.

In May we went to check out the Rotary Walkway.

 photo rotarywalkway01_zpsbd597b07.jpg

We didn't walk far but the bit we really wanted to see was near where we parked the car - it was the giant snakes and ladders play area (I believe it's chutes and ladders in the US...?). The boys loved playing there. They played one actual round of snakes and ladders (there are big spinning dice - you can see them at the bottom of this photo) and then just enjoyed climbing and sliding.

 photo rotarywalkway02_zpseb1539b2.jpg

 photo rotarywalkway03_zps82e32c58.jpg

 photo rotarywalkway04_zps9f1b8db6.jpg

 photo rotarywalkway05_zps0925a40d.jpg

 photo rotarywalkway06_zpsf6f6e6c2.jpg

 photo rotarywalkway07_zps07b75aab.jpg

 photo rotarywalkway08_zpsbc95a6e8.jpg

After playing at the snakes and ladders bit for a while we wandered further along the walkway and found a trim park with fitness equipment.

 photo rotarywalkway12_zps774f334d.jpg

 photo rotarywalkway09_zpsabb6e437.jpg

 photo rotarywalkway10_zps7083a4c2.jpg

 photo rotarywalkway11_zps021d4e26.jpg

In June we went to Totara Park to see what it was like. We enjoyed the forest and the play area.

 photo totarapark01_zpsbb342e80.jpg

 photo totarapark02_zpse1613b7c.jpg

 photo totarapark07_zpsb6a76960.jpg

 photo totarapark06_zpsb1645b55.jpg

 photo totarapark05_zpsb7631917.jpg

 photo totarapark04_zpsc2cf1311.jpg

 photo totarapark03_zpse8ff4400.jpg

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