16 October 2013

Desk shelf

We found that our computer monitors were a little low and needed to be raised. For a while we had them sitting on stacks of old pallet wood. And yes, this is how messy our desks usually look:

 photo deskshelf01_zps96037ff3.jpg

 photo deskshelf02_zps5ea4a75e.jpg

Yes, very ghetto. We decided to make a shelf, and happily happened to have matching shelves in the garage.

 photo deskshelf03_zps5756c87e.jpg

We cut mine to fit the width of my desk because I have a letter sorter hanging next to it, but we left Grant's whole, which gave him an extra bit of desk space.

 photo deskshelf06_zpsfde94046.jpg

I love that we can stash our keyboards and mice, and I can leave my notebook on my desk but it's hidden under the shelf.

 photo deskshelf05_zps233f8aeb.jpg

A quick fix that has made our desks so much more functional. Love it. (Next up: modesty panels to hide all of those wires.)

 photo deskshelf04_zps1269a0b5.jpg

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