7 October 2013

Garden details

On Saturday we did some more work in the garden, preparing everything for my seedlings to be planted out after Labour Day (end of October).

Grant extending the garden bed underneath our bedroom window - this is where I'll plant the telegraph cucumbers and zucchini:

 photo garden01_zpsa1e2b9cb.jpg

 photo garden03_zpsc638c5ef.jpg

 photo garden07_zps8e4986a9.jpg

I put self-adhesive copper tape all around the pots and raised beds to deter slugs (they can't cross copper). The tape was super cheap with free shipping - here's the link.

 photo garden02_zps2e8d724f.jpg

My peas are looking perky. I have planted more in the spaces where some didn't come up but they haven't sprouted yet.

 photo garden04_zps18b06d5f.jpg

Here are how the seedlings are doing now - I've started hardening them off outside so I can plant them out:

 photo garden06_zps45ce69a8.jpg

Poor Molly had a hard time with the subtropical storms we had a week or two ago, and needs mending.

 photo garden05_zps3df1900f.jpg

I've prepared the markers for my various tomatoes:

 photo garden08_zps108175c5.jpg

Grant and I are also busy making a fence to go around my vegetable beds to deter the chickens from scratching in them. They could jump over it but I'm hoping that with all of the space to wander in they won't bother.

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