1 October 2013

New chicken coop progress

Something that I've been spending my meager energy on lately is creating a new chicken coop with Grant. With the eggs due to hatch this weekend we have a bit of a deadline but I'm sure we'll meet it.

It started with me designing it and planning everything - framing, door panels, etc.

 photo Chickencoop01_zpsc3cd8464.jpg

 photo Chickencoop02_zps0e2255be.jpg

 photo Chickencoop04_zpsb42a5cc3.jpg

 photo Chickencoop03_zps4982c0a7.jpg

When it came to actually building it, I basically gave the instructions and some assistance and Grant did almost all of the hard work. He has been amazing. And I have loved working together with him on a big project again! Back when I first started this blog 7 and a half years ago (holy moly - I've been blogging since before it was cool) we were doing house renovations and although at the time we burned ourselves out, I've missed it since. We make a great team.

ANYWAY, here are some progress pictures of the coop.

 photo Chickencoop16_zps568da9a5.jpg

 photo Chickencoop15_zps76d1298a.jpg

 photo Chickencoop17_zpsb463160f.jpg

 photo Chickencoop05_zps7196f8a9.jpg

 photo Chickencoop09_zpsb208ce3b.jpg

 photo Chickencoop14_zps2a504110.jpg

 photo Chickencoop07_zpsa82c6837.jpg

 photo Chickencoop13_zpsd00db931.jpg

 photo Chickencoop12_zps90bc1082.jpg

 photo Chickencoop10_zps056a30b8.jpg

 photo Chickencoop11_zps7ee6e379.jpg

 photo Chickencoop06_zps7f44f804.jpg

 photo Chickencoop08_zps7944a54d.jpg

It's not perfect, mainly because we're working with a jigsaw and a hand saw because we couldn't afford to buy a table saw right now, but we're pretty proud of it. I'll be posting the big reveal later this week.

The plan is to leave Marble in the old coop with the trampoline run attached, so she can't wander far and the other girls can't get in - they will move into the new coop and free range during the day. Marble and her babies will be left alone and the "aunties" can't peck and hurt the babies. They will go into the new coop at night to sleep.

That's the theory.

My expectation is that the other three will wander around and around the old coop / trampoline, crying that they can't get in and totally ignoring the new coop. Because they are just that dumb. (But I love them!!) We'll see. Maybe they will surprise me ;)

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