5 October 2013

We have baby chicks!

Last night we went to check on Marble and when we lifted her up we found this:

 photo babychicks01_zps75a5b245.jpg

A brand new baby, less than an hour old! And one day early, so it was a bit of a surprise.

This morning we went out and Grant gently lifted Marble (who was not pleased):

 photo babychicks02_zpsdea34ede.jpg

And lo and behold, two fluffy little babies!

 photo babychicks03_zpsbc2522ed.jpg

 photo babychicks07_zps7865d657.jpg

 photo babychicks06_zpsacd4fc6c.jpg

 photo babychicks04_zpsdb832e59.jpg

 photo babychicks05_zps6511da16.jpg

 photo babychicks09_zps1c99793e.jpg

 photo babychicks08_zpsb328f5e3.jpg

We are absolutely giddy. For some reason I didn't actually expect them to hatch. We immediately had a family meeting and after a complex voting system ...

 photo babychicks10_zpsa627a217.jpg

We decided on their names: Isabella (the Silver Laced Wyandotte) and Rosie (the New Hampshire Red). We are totally in love with the new arrivals!

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  1. So cute and pretty already. Such lovely names too. Look forward to seeing more photographs and blog updates as they grow. Well done Marble!

  2. So gorgeous ! Did you buy fertile eggs or do you have a rooster !
    LOVE having baby chicks in the home

  3. they are so cute.congrats.that makes you both grandparents.im kidding.

  4. They are too precious! I just love reading your blog. I don't always comment, but I've been a reader for years. I love the cool! So cute and classic looking. The details are amazing.

    And just so you know, I love your fashion posts too! I think of you when I'm out shopping and try to imagine a few different ways to wear what I'm about to buy. :-)

  5. Oh so cute! Love babies!


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