4 October 2013

Packed lunches

I thought I'd share some more packed lunches as I accrue photos of them.

Main: quinoa with roast chicken, onions, beetroot and kumara (sweet potato); balsamic dressing
Snack: peanuts, carrot sticks
Dessert: homemade sugarless banana and berry muffin

 photo packedlunch05_zps3071d9cf.jpg

Main: homemade pumpkin soup; wholegrain crackers; Edam cheese
Snack: cashews
Dessert: steamed cinnamon apples

 photo packedlunch01_zps47fe5f30.jpg

Main: steak, cheese and salad sandwich on wholewheat; corn chips
Snack: carrot sticks
Dessert: fresh pear

 photo packedlunch02_zpsd15705b1.jpg

Main:ciabatta roll with shaved beef, cheese, lettuce, cucumber and tomato; coleslaw
Snack: mixed nuts, seedless green grapes
Dessert: chocolate chia seed pudding

 photo packedlunch04_zpsaeb3a342.jpg

Main: sushi from a local sushi bar
Snack: corn chips, peanuts
Dessert: fruit yoghurt
 photo packedlunch03_zps8a650fa5.jpg

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