2 November 2013

The chickens eating yoghurt

If you follow me on Instagram (jenthousandwords) you'll know that one of our chickens has been poorly. Kiki had an infection in her mouth and had to be on antibiotics. Here are a couple of pics I snapped after she'd been inspected by the vet and had a sample taken of the gunk in her mouth. She'd pretty much lost the will to live after that little experience. The will to live, and the contents of her bladder and bowels. Fun times.

 photo kiki1_zpsa3a4c290.jpg

 photo kiki2_zps94dceb1b.jpg

Because they are our spoilt princesses, I promptly purchased some live Greek yoghurt to restore the probiotics in her tummy :) I gave it to all of the chickens mixed with a little oats or mash. Turns out they are absolutely mad for it! You've never seen hens gobble food so fast.

 photo chickenseatingyoghurt01_zpsbed2f2e5.jpg

 photo chickenseatingyoghurt04_zpsce6dac71.jpg

 photo chickenseatingyoghurt03_zps7d67eb4b.jpg

 photo chickenseatingyoghurt02_zpsbe8b5a43.jpg

The good news is Kik is absolutely fine now.

The babies are growing so fast that even though these photos were only taken a few days ago the chicks have already changed. I'll have to snap some current ones. Rosie (who I suspect might actually be Rocky the rooster - but only time will tell) has little red feathers all over her head now.

 photo morechickenfun01_zpsaf8ab53a.jpg

 photo morechickenfun02_zpsf60a3f4f.jpg

 photo chickenseatingyoghurt06_zps6a0c9f4d.jpg

 photo chickenseatingyoghurt07_zps34d607e5.jpg

 photo chickenseatingyoghurt05_zps5e48df08.jpg

 photo morechickenfun05_zpsd2c4551e.jpg

 photo chickenseatingyoghurt08_zps4ba941f0.jpg

Warning: extreme cuteness ahead.

 photo morechickenfun04_zps7387d610.jpg

Here's a shot of Doris and Kiki laying. Grant blocked off the middle nesting box as they like to snuggle up against a wall when roosting at night, and they didn't want to do so against the other end of the perch as it's right above the door. I love having spy holes so I can check on them when they're laying.

 photo morechickenfun03_zps8a2c80a1.jpg

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