3 November 2013

Updated larder

I posted about our larder before (click here to read what / where it is and what I store in it). In that post I had said, " If we owned the house I would paint it out all fresh and cute inside, but since we are just renting I won't spend the money and time to do so." Well, it was just a matter of time before I went ahead and did it even though we are renting.

Grant also installed a little shelf at the top for me to put home canned goodies on.

 photo larderupdate01_zpsd97618ea.jpg

 photo larderupdate06_zps948c1735.jpg

 photo larderupdate02_zpscc6ab251.jpg

 photo larderupdate03_zps3a5f1300.jpg

 photo larderupdate04_zps17741a1b.jpg

 photo larderupdate05_zpse9680332.jpg

I'm so glad I took the time and trouble to do it! It makes me happy when I see the fresh, white interior. That's why I decided to go ahead and do it - I knew I'd see it numerous times every single day and it would make a difference to me.

The bottom no longer holds wood as we don't use the very inefficient woodstove anymore. I didn't bother painting the sheet metal walls or the concrete floor. I've moved some plastic shelves in from the garage.

 photo larderupdate07_zps2d6c022c.jpg

 photo larderupdate08_zpsb165f3d9.jpg

And because everyone loves a good before-and-after.

 photo larderbeforeafter01_zps367e56f6.jpg

 photo larderbeforeafter02_zps63b8126e.jpg

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