23 March 2014

Lowering our desks

I don't know why I'm blogging this as it's not really a visible before-and-after. I guess maybe to introduce the idea.

Our computer desks are standard super cheap ones. Both Grant and I are pretty short at 5'6" and 5'4" respectively, and we found that the desks were a little too high for us. As Grant is demonstrating here, our elbows were lower than the desks when seated naturally, so when operating a mouse or typing on the keyboard we'd find ourselves hunching our shoulders up, causing neck, shoulder and back strain.

 photo loweringdesk01_zps9cea794f.jpg

Using a couple of chairs, piles of books and a spare shelf we decided on the correct and most comfortable height for our desks to be.

 photo loweringdesk02_zpsafa27f8f.jpg

 photo loweringdesk03_zpsa4828921.jpg

Then Grant marked the bottom of the desks and cut off the excess, making them shorter.

 photo loweringdesk04_zpsbdaf7cef.jpg

We did raise our desk shelves so that the monitors could remain in the right position.

 photo loweringdesk05_zps5de5e13b.jpg

It was a bit of a hassle to upend the desks and make the cuts, but so worth it. Our computer time is much more comfortable now.

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