3 June 2014

Dry erase fridge frame

I've been wanting a dry-erase menu in the kitchen but didn't want it standing on the counter and we don't have much clear wall space. I decided to put one onto the fridge.

I bought an inexpensive 8x10 inch frame from Kmart and pulled off the stand:

 photo fridgedryeraseboard01_zps620f36f9.jpg

Then I hot-glued 20 magnets onto the back.

 photo fridgedryeraseboard02_zps5e89fe0a.jpg

This was a FAIL! Although the magnets were chunky and there were plenty of them, they were not strong enough to hold the frame up and it just slid down on the fridge door, before falling off.

 photo fridgedryeraseboard03_zps448a5e3f.jpg

Plan B was to use clean-release velcro, which worked a treat!

 photo fridgedryeraseboard04_zps40316583.jpg

Now we have a handy memo board on the fridge that I can write our meal plan on as well as leave little reminders for myself.

 photo fridgedryeraseboard05_zps683d33bc.jpg

I rearranged the magnetic frames, turning them vertical, updating the photos and replacing one of them with a phone number list for the boys. My shopping list completes the arrangement.

 photo fridgedryeraseboard06_zpsfdfae80f.jpg

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