8 September 2014

Clarks Beach

We've been taking Daisy to the beach while we can (i.e. out of season). One of the beaches we've been enjoying has been Clarks Beach. Just thought I'd share a few snaps taken there the other day.

Also, happy birthday to Grant! He is 42 today :)

 photo clarksbeach09_zpsed40740a.jpg

 photo clarksbeach05_zpsc63c1eb9.jpg

 photo clarksbeach07_zpsb894ea68.jpg

 photo clarksbeach08_zps09ed8f78.jpg

 photo clarksbeach06_zpsd4087a1d.jpg

 photo clarksbeach04_zps0cf6e413.jpg

 photo clarksbeach03_zps192da163.jpg

 photo clarksbeach02_zpsc4711b1f.jpg

 photo clarksbeach01_zpsb7bb6d9f.jpg

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