6 December 2014

Minor tweaks to clothing

If you have some very basic sewing skills (as in, you can sew in a straight line, either with a sewing machine or by hand) then the range of clothing that you could purchase widens. I personally like to shop at thrift stores - the combination of the thrill of the hunt and getting a great bargain is exciting - and when I spend so little on clothing then I don't mind doing a little work to ensure the items fit correctly. I'm not sure I'd spend full retail price on a piece of clothing knowing I then have to tailor it.

Anyway, I thought I'd share a few examples of how I tweak clothing to fit me better. I'm not talking detailed tailoring, just minor adjustments.

First up is this skirt. I really liked the print and the length was fine, but it was a size too big.

 photo tweakingclothes01_zpsd3911288.jpg

Luckily it's a simply A-line skirt with a zip at the centre of the back, so fitting it was super easy. (Note: this method would not work with a skirt that has a side zip, as many have.) I put it on inside out, and pinned the sides of the waistband to where they fitted correctly.

 photo tweakingclothes02_zpsde4b4aa5.jpg

I then took the skirt off and measured and adjusted the pins so that either side was even.

 photo tweakingclothes03_zps559e185e.jpg

Then I continued measuring that amount all the way down, marking a faint pen line.

 photo tweakingclothes04_zps5bfaba5e.jpg

I sewed along the marked lines, and voila, the skirt fits.

 photo tweakingclothes05_zpsa1e5e655.jpg

 photo tweakingclothes06_zps34714474.jpg

Instead of sewing, you could try unsewing. This denim skirt ticked all the boxes for me - right length, right colour, right size - but the additional pockets on the front made it seem a bit busy, and clashed with certain tops and cardigans.

 photo tweakingclothes09_zps54a18ec2.jpg

One of the pockets was lifting slightly where the stitching was coming loose. I looked and saw that there wasn't a significant colour difference underneath the pocket. Sometimes the item can be quite faded and removing a pocket would result in a much darker patch, but that didn't seem to be the case here.

 photo tweakingclothes07_zpsfe1f1d51.jpg

 photo tweakingclothes08_zps6b1fe524.jpg

So I set to with a seam ripper and some scissors and removed the extra pockets.

 photo tweakingclothes10_zpsb9046dad.jpg

You can see a bit of colour difference where the pocket was, but it's not enough to bother me. Or rather, it doesn't bother me as much as the pockets did.

 photo tweakingclothes11_zps3afc7983.jpg

Removing the pockets gives a totally different look to the skirt.

 photo tweakingclothes14_zps36632f05.jpg

 photo tweakingclothes13_zpsf9c96b79.jpg

Another way I adjust clothing is by hemming. After realising I was getting a half-calf tan from my walking pants I went shopping for shorter ones. The ones in store were too short for my liking, so I bought duplicate cropped leggings and hemmed them to the length I required, using a zig-zag stitch.

 photo tweakingclothes15_zps2ffdeac3.jpg

Hemming is a simple fix for skirts too. I prefer to wear either floor length maxi skirts (or at least long enough to brush the top of my feet) or knee length skirts. I do have a few midi skirts but most don't really suit me and make me feel frumpy. But if I find a skirt that fits correctly and that I love the fabric of, then I simply take up the hem.

 photo tweakingclothes17_zps6612954e.jpg

 photo tweakingclothes16_zpsf61fe3f6.jpg

I hope these simple tweaks inspire you to adjust a few items to suit you better. It's easy, I promise!

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