20 December 2014

Your questions answered, part 3

Jen Jones asked, "I'm curious, have you ever visited the US? Any particular US place you would like to visit someday? I'm a reader (for 3-4 years now, I think!) from the US and was wondering if most of your readers are from England, NZ, US, or elsewhere. I love that the internet can help make this great big world a little smaller and more connected! And just so you know, a trip to NZ is absolutely on my bucket list!"
As a young teen I was absolutely obsessed with the US. I wanted nothing more than to live there. I made a solemn vow (as solemn a vow as young teens make - which is pretty solemn) to one day stand on US soil.

Fast forward 25 years and I have yet to do so! I've been to England, Scotland, Wales, Norway, Spain, Germany, and New Zealand, but not yet to the US. However, I do absolutely plan on visiting one day (although I'd no longer like to live there - I'm so happy here in NZ).

As for where, I want to visit friends / family in Utah, but other than that I'd be happy to see pretty much anywhere, particularly venues of natural beauty.

My blog readers are actually predominantly US based (42.6% of them) with Israel second (11.8%) and then the UK (8.6%). The rest of the countries represent too, but those are my largest audiences. Not sure why Israel is suddenly in second place as the UK usually is, but Statcounter gives the stats for a 9 hour period and I guess I had an influx of Israeli visitors during that time!

And when you visit New Zealand you'll have to look me up, for sure!

Felix Bassoon's wife asked, "Your cake decorating is beautiful and looks professional! Have you taken courses or did you learn on your own?"
Why, thank you! I haven't taken any courses, just watched YouTube videos, looked at blog tutorials, and gave it a go. Practice really helps; just go for it, and accept any mistakes and imperfections as part of the learning process. My cakes are still far from perfect, but I'm okay with it.

 photo cake_zps2116372c.jpg

 photo legomanbirthdaycake2.jpg

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