22 October 2015

DIY Necklace Hanger

I've been meaning to blog about how I made my necklace hanger for a while - here it is at last! It was very simple and easy to make.

I took a piece of wood that was lying around, cut it to the right length and painted it white.

 photo necklace hanger 01_zpskx704arz.jpg

Then I marked dots 2cm apart all the way along ...

 photo necklace hanger 02_zpsolsl2g12.jpg

... and used a push pin to mark the centre of the board at each 2cm interval, if that makes sense.

 photo necklace hanger 03_zpsftgt7sys.jpg

Then I drilled small a pilot hole on each dot and pushed a nail into each hole.

 photo necklace hanger 04_zps9fyu5wo2.jpg

Then the fun part - I went outside and laid the strip of wood onto the concrete and hammered each nail further in securely. I used an eraser to know how deep to hammer each nail - if I hit the eraser with the hammer it would not mark the wood.

 photo necklace hanger 05_zpsx6s1yhgf.jpg

Three screws to secure it to the wall and it was ready to populate.

 photo necklace hanger 06_zpscpc8emuf.jpg

Voila, here is how it looks now:

 photo necklace hanger 07_zps8vndi6fj.jpg 

personalized getnamenecklace necklace

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