7 June 2016

One year later: Laundry room / loo / bathroom

As I mentioned recently we have now been in our house for a year. I decided to do a series of posts showing each room and the garden as it looked when we moved in, and how it looks now. I'll begin with the laundry room, loo, and bathroom - click here to see the original reveal post with more photos.

Here's the laundry room before and now:

 photo laundry room 01_zpsva4x0lit.jpg

 photo laundry room 05_zpsg8gyrvnf.jpg

 photo laundry 1_zpsrpbnvyty.jpg

 photo laundry 2_zpsfbewf7qs.jpg

What we did:
- painted the woodwork
- painted the walls
- installed a little counter top
- hung a mirror
- installed a shower door
- replaced the shower fitting
- replaced the washing machine taps
- hung towel rails- accessorised
- bought new white towels and mat
- bought two copper laundry baskets

Here is the loo before and now:

 photo toilet 02_zpslr9l2dv5.jpg

 photo toilet 03_zpsnblertet.jpg

 photo loo_zpsajsu46zn.jpg

 photo reveal 28_zpsovzkbcen.jpg

What we did:
- painted the woodwork
- painted the walls
- installed a toilet roll holder
- made a little shelf above the toilet roll
- made a shelf between the doors
- installed a new copper light fitting
- accessorised

Here's the bathroom before and now:

 photo bathroom 03_zpsfoc0euwi.jpg

 photo reveal 04_zps7fcrrnpv.jpg

What we did:
- painted the woodwork
- painted the walls
- painted the vanity
- replaced the vanity knobs
- painted the tiles
- replaced the taps
- installed a new light fitting
- hung towel rails
- accessorised

These three spaces are DONE except for a light fitting for the laundry room!

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  1. So much better in the after shots!!

  2. You have done so much in that time - well done all of you as it looks lovely :)

  3. looks so clean and fresh!!

  4. You've done a great job Jen. :-)

  5. Looks great!! I love seeing before and after photos.


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