2 December 2020

The Benefits of Backless Benches

It's very common to add benches outside now. Some people might start using benches for the first time in their garden or yard, while other people may replace their older benches with new ones such as backless benches. Designing a bench without a back can already change the experience of using the bench substantially.

Outdoor Furniture and Space

Backless benches are more spacious than the benches that have backs of their own. It might not seem like the back of a bench is taking up that much space, but even a few inches really can make a difference on any surface. The surface of a backless bench can seem much broader than the surface of a bench with a back. 


The people who spend a lot of time outdoors might want to bring a lot of different items with them. They might have containers of sunscreen, reusable water bottles, and other relatively small items that still need their own space. People may find it easier to bring everything that they need with them when they know that they'll have access to a backless bench outdoors. 

A large enough bag or briefcase might not really fit on a bench that has a back. People might have to position the item in a way that's somewhat awkward. If they have paper inside, it could cause the paper to bend. Most people shouldn't have that issue if they use backless benches instead. While the bag or case might still be slightly too big for the bench, as long as the bench is big enough to support the bag, it can still be kept there. 


Benches and Comfort

People can sit in one position on a chair or a bench that has a back. On a bench without a back, it's possible to choose a lot of different seating positions. People might find it easier to get comfortable when they're sitting on a bench without a back. 

Some people like to sit on the ends of benches. When they're on a bench that has a back, they may feel as if they're almost sliding off of the bench. It's easier to sit in this position when the bench is backless. 

A bench with a back might actually give some people backaches. The backs of wooden or metallic furniture can be very solid. These furniture backs also might form right angles with the seat of the bench. It's often uncomfortable for people to keep their backs in a perfectly upright and level position, which may cause issues for the people who sit on these benches for too long. They won't have that problem if they decide to use backless benches instead. 

People can decide on their own seating position when the bench does not have a back. If the bench has a back, they'll only have so many options. People who may have avoided using a bench with a back can more easily use a backless outdoor bench

Landscape Design and Benches

Some people choose to get backless benches because of the way that those benches look. Obviously, they will usually like the benches for reasons that have nothing to do with the fact that the benches are backless. However, a backless bench can still have a unique effect on the way a corner of a garden looks. 

Benches that have backs can sometimes look out of place in certain parts of a garden. Usually, it looks better when a bench with a back is positioned against something. Otherwise, the bench might look better if it is set at an angle. People might also decide to set the bench next to something else, which can create a little more balance.


Backless benches can really be placed almost anywhere. They'll never look like they're in the wrong place since they have a much more subtle appearance. These benches can be placed next to a path in a garden, which is commonplace for a bench. People may want a place to sit after wandering through a large enough garden. They'll also want the right view, so the bench must be in just the right location. It's often significantly easier to get to that point when the bench does not have a back. 

It's often easy to see benches with a back from a distance. Backless benches tend to blend in with the rest of the landscape much more easily. These benches can look very decorative as a result. The back of a bench can actually block some of the outdoor scenery, even if it's a relatively small amount. People won't have to worry about the back of a bench blocking a flower bed if they have backless benches instead.

Backless benches won't dominate a landscape visually. They're also incredibly useful, and they'll make it much easier for people to enjoy their gardens and outdoor spaces. 

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