16 November 2013

Packed lunches

 photo packedlunch08_zpsfb345d5c.jpg

Main: potatoes with cheese and beans
Dessert: homemade applesauce
Snack: biltong (South African style dried meat) and mixed nuts

 photo packedlunch09_zps79888553.jpg

Main: homemade pizza rolls and coleslaw
Dessert: two rice bubble treats
Snack: boiled egg

 photo packedlunch06_zpsc1823579.jpg

Main: breakfast wrap (bacon, egg, cheese and tomato)
Dessert: coconut cream chocolate mousse (chilled coconut cream, cocoa, sugar, vanilla)
Snack: dried apricots, cashews, banana

 photo packedlunch12_zpsd133167f.jpg

Main: chicken and salad sandwich on seed bread
Dessert: grain-free banana almond oat pancakes with a little chocolate hazelnut spread
Snack: cucumber and tomato with avocado and garlic salad dressing, two sour cream and chive rice cakes

 photo packedlunch07_zpscd495e2f.jpg

Main: leftover macaroni moosh
Dessert: sugar free banana berry muffin
Snack: biltong, popcorn

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